Loft 29

Loft 29 Residence is a high-end residential building located in the bustling cultural and educational heart of Beirut, Hamra’s Main Street. Whether you are looking for a residential apartment or corporate housing, our fully furnished apartments provide you with the ideal housing solution that caters for your everyday needs.

With an extensive range of amenities and facilities, including around the clock resident/customer service, our living spaces combine the refinement of a hotel experience with the comfort of a spacious and hospitable home. We strive for an unparalleled service that allows our guests to make the most out of their stay and enjoy a truly unique experience.

  • Function: Mixed-use
  • Built-up area: 2500 m2
  • Location: Hamra, Lebanon
  • Status: Operating since 2016

  • Property Type: Mixed-use
  • Location: Beirut
  • Leasing Info: 01-74 45 44