The Spot Tayouneh

The Spot Tayouneh is the 4th mall joining The Spot network; a series of malls operating across Lebanon. The Spot Tayouneh is a shopping center that aims to enhance the quality of shopping services to its neighborhood while offering a world of entertainment.

The concept was to create a public plaza, in a dense urban city, capturing citizen and leading them to interact with the retail spaces. Merging the plaza and the mall and creating an outstanding mixture of both spaces with a series of overlapping terraces leading to the movie theaters.

  • Function: Shopping center
  • Built-up area: 48 604 m2
  • GLA: 14 302 m2
  • Location: Tayouneh, Lebanon
  • Status: Expected opening in 2018

The Spot Tayouneh low
In Progress
  • Property Type: Mall
  • Location: Beirut
  • Leasing Info: 01-86 82 10 | E.