Yarze 3244

Yarze 3244 is a luxurious complex consisting of 2 residential buildings located in one of Beirut’s high-end suburbs – Yarzeh.

A Villa like two building four story each perfectly integrated into dense studded tree and shrub environment within a high-density tree plantation area.

Exquisitely situated on a property with exceptional views on South Beirut Ground floor apartments benefit from private gardens and terraces.

The Project is crowned by two private swimming pools, with exceptional panoramic views.

  • Function: Residential
  • Built-up area: 6 150 m2
  • Location: Yarzeh, Lebanon
  • Status: Operating since 2016

Yarzee 3244
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Location: Yarze
  • Leasing Info: 01-86 82 10 | E. leasing@baunitedholding.com